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A power tool for cooperatives! ACT invites Canadian co-operatives to record, measure and share impact with your members and community. Use our dynamic self-assessment toolkit to take action towards your Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while strengthening your commitment to co-operative principles. Simply fill out our short membership application then access our impact questionnaires to get started.

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Accurately reflect and communicate, through accounting and reporting, the particular and substantial roles co-operatives play in society and the Canadian economy. Strengthen your commitment to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and learn more about which are most relevant to your business. Take action now!

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Your co-op can play an important part of the global initiative through it's commitment to the SDGs. Analyze your operations and policies and how they relate to the SDGs and Co-operative Principles. Measure your impact through our unique reporting tools to set goals and track your progress.

Above: SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production with a graphic showing +37.3%. Below: Co-op Principle #6 - Concern for community with a graphic showing 55%

Broadcast inspiration

Communicate with your members and stakeholders about your positive impact actions. Collaborate with other Canadian co-operatives and inspire change together.

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